FROM The Chairman's Desk

Dear Team,

Once again, I begin this message to you all with a sense of pride about our esteemed organization and our employees around the world. As I look back on the last financial year — a period of political and economic change — it is remarkable how much we have accomplished, not only in terms of financial performance but in our steadfast dedication to help clients with travel related services all around the world.

In 2018-19, we continued to accelerate investments in products, services and technology. For example, we extended our presence in several new countries with dedicated sales managers (we plan to venture into new regions in the next few years). In addition, we launched rezvault in markets we have own presence wherein the agent can top up his vault and pay for current and future bookings and the response of the same was great and we should all feel proud on the successful launch of the feature.

Furthermore, 2018-19 was another strong financial year for Travel Designer Group, with the firm generating good numbers and each line of business grew revenue and booking count for the year while continuing to make significant investments in products, people, technology and sourcing. For Hotel sourcing, we have good number of direct connects with leading hotel chains which eventually help us to have competitive advantage over others players in the market and to have the same in case of transfer and sightseeing,  we have started strongly with Transfer and Sightseeing contracting and the results are quite visible where the numbers have doubled because of very competitive rates and better service.

In all these years of experience, I learnt one very simple yet very significant lesson i.e. “The need of our travel partners is like an ocean and the service we render are mere drops. So I am now determined to add as many drops as I can and say to myself with contentment, I tried my best.”

Kalpesh Shah