FROM The Chairman's Desk

Dear Team,

A dream of many ideas coming together, with great passion and an opportunity ceased is how Travel Designer Group was established. Keeping in mind the ideas, passion and opportunity, we also have given utmost importance to the core values to bind the company together and to make it grow even further. We believe that, apart from the business commitments of the company, the core values play a vital role in a company’s race to succeed.

Ethics and integrity underlie our core values - commitment, respect and excellence. These values makes TDG one of the most trustworthy names in the travel industry and are the foundation stones of our success. The values also make TDG a place where all of us can be proud to work. We have our presence in many countries and cultures around the world, connected by our shared mission, vision and values. It is our moral responsibility to imbibe these values throughout our business and in the regions where we operate around the globe.

Our Code of Conduct is designed to provide a clear picture and understanding of TDG's core values and the standards that govern our business. It also provides guidelines for navigating successfully through ethical challenges. In this competitive global environment, we sometimes encounter situations that test our judgment and integrity. When this happens, the Code of Conduct helps us to respond in ways that are true to our company and comply with both the spirit and the laid down principles. It lays the groundwork for how we treat our customers, suppliers and each other.

Doing the right thing can be difficult task at times. But, we count on all of our employees to not only follow this Code, but to report violations of it without fear of retaliation

At TDG, we believe that how we achieve our goals is equally important to the ultimate achievement of success. The ethical way of action is always the right way of action.

Travel Designer Group's Code of Conduct is our road map to a successful future, providing guidance on the standards of ethics, personal integrity and compliance that are the foundation of TDG's global community.

Kalpesh Shah